Full Version: How to configure a static IP address in Vyatta
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Whilst Vyatta is based off Debian, it uses methods for configuration much similar to the way you would configure a switch or a router. Therefore, simply editing the network/interfaces file won't actually work for you.

Firstly to enter the configuration mode:


Assuming you want to configure eth0 as something like this:


Your commands will be the following:

Quote:set interfaces ethernet eth0 address

this sets the IP address and the CDIR denotes the netmask, then

Quote:set system gateway-address

This sets the gateway, then

Quote:set system name-server

sets the nameserver for dns.

You may also consider

Quote:set service ssh

to allow SSH connections.

In order to save the config, you must first


then make sure you


Once you reboot you can check your configuration with the following:

Quote:show interfaces
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