Full Version: How to convert a PuTTy .ppk file to openssh format linux [new]
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If originally you were SSH keyed while under the Windows platform using puttygen to create a keypair, you may want to use this under a linux environment as well.

It is quite simple to convert the ppk file to the openssh format using puttygen in your linux distro


Quote:apt-get install putty

this will subsequently install puttygen

then use

Quote:puttygen yourfile.ppk -O private-openssh -o the-new-keyfile

You will be required to enter the password for the keyfile. Once it has been generated, you can easily side-load this key when you are trying to SSH into a box that is keyed

Quote:ssh -i the-new-keyfile

To permanently remember your password for the keyfile you have created,

edit your ~/.ssh/config

add in a line

Quote:IdentityFile ~/the-new-keyfile

then do

Quote:ssh-add ~/the-new-keyfile
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