Full Version: Configuring LSI MegaRAID remote management under CentOS 6.x
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To remotely manage a CentOS server with an LSI raid card using the LSI MegaRAID software (e.g. under Windows) you first need to install a few libs on the CentOS server

Quote:yum install net-snmp net-snmp-utils libstdc++.i686 unzip csh

Then you need to extract the LSI Linux MegaRAID Storage Manager software onto the
system, you can grab it from the LSI site or here

Then use the install script to unpack the software onto your server


Once this step has been completed, you can remotely view and control your RAID remotely using the MegaRAID software remotely

Additionally, you may wish to install the LSI "sas2ircu" utility for displaying the status of the controller locally on the system. You can wget the RPM here

example usage: sas2ircu 0 DISPLAY (where '0' is controller card number)
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