Full Version: Recovering a cPanel Server From a Crashed Hard Disk using rSync
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This is how it will work:

1) Get the partitions from both the drives with:

# fdisk -l

2) Check to see if there are any drives mounted with:

# df -h

3) Let us assume that /dev/hdb3 is our CRASHED old drive and it is mounted as /mnt/old (yours can be different), but keep in mind that you need to know the mount point of the backup drive before we proceed further with the steps below.

Let us mount the CRASHED HDD if not already mounted with:

# mount /dev/hdb3 /oldHD

4) Now that the drive is mounted you can browse any files with:

# ls /oldHD/home

5) We are all set to move our data over to the new drive:

Run these rSync commands to move everything over:

rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/usr/local/apache/conf /usr/local/apache
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/var/named /var
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/home/* /home
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/usr/local/cpanel /usr/local
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/var/lib/mysql /var/lib
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/var/cpanel /var
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/usr/share/ssl /usr/share
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/var/ssl /var
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/var/log/bandwidth /var/log
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/usr/local/frontpage /usr/local
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/var/spool/cron /var/spool
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/root/.my.cnf /root
rsync -vrplogDtH /oldHD/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf /etc/httpd/conf

cd to the old etc directory:

#cd /oldHD/etc

And copy some files from here:

#rsync -vrplogDtH secondarymx domainalias valiases vfilters exim* proftpd* pure-ftpd* passwd* group* *domain* *named* wwwacct.conf cpupdate.conf quota.conf shadow* *rndc* ips* ipaddrpool* ssl hosts /etc

6) We are done with the copying of all the files and cPanel should start recognizing all the old users and their files, but after we do all this it is highly suggested that you run all updates, and run the cPanel fix scripts i.e:

Updating software and restarting services:

# /scripts/fixeverything

7)This is needed to update cpanel information. Please note, sshd might fail and not start after running fix everything. You have to login to whm, and go to the rpm installer and “FORCE” install opensshd-server, opensshd, opensshd-client and then restart sshd from whm.

Restarting services as:

#/scripts/restartsrv httpd
#/scripts/restartsrv cpanel
#/scripts/restartsrv mysql
#/scripts/restartsrv named
#/scripts/restartsrv exim

That is all we need to recover data from a CRASHED HDD.
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