Full Version: Service VE is down
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When I ssh into my virtuozzo hardware node, I get these messages when checking the status of vzagent.

[[email protected] ~]# vzagent_ctl status
Service VE is down
[[email protected] ~]# vzagent_ctl restart
Shutting vzagent: [FAILED]
Service VE is down [FAILED]

How do I start the Service VE?

Once you have logged into your hardware node, type the following command and that should start the Service VE:

[[email protected] ~]# vzctl start 1
Starting Container ...
Starting vzagent: [ OK ]
Starting vzagent: [ OK ]
Container is mounted
Setup slm memory limit
Setup slm subgroup (default)
Setting devperms 20006 dev 0x7d00
Adding IP address(es):
Hostname for Container set: ServiceCT
File resolv.conf was modified
Container start in progress...
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